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Bow Hunting

Thank you for your interest in Western Cape Game Safaris. If you’re a serious bow hunter, you’ve probably considered hunting in Africa, and for good reason. Very few hunters who have brought their bows to Africa have left disanointed and those who have, has almost all had the misfortune of hunting with a rifle operator that also takes a few archery hunters on the side.

We operate on privately owned game preserves, comprising over 15000 quality managed, game rich acres in the Western Cape and Limpopo Province. The terrain ranges from lush river bottoms to dense bushveld flats to rugged mountains, providing excellent habitat for the 38 species of animals and 159 species of birds found there. The property has a single perimeter fence whose primary purpose is to keep resident hippos, giraffes and rhinos off neighboring lands.

Hunting is done from custom designed ground blinds, tripods and tree stands at watering holes or at intersections of game trails for those species that come to water infrequently.

Blinds are strategically placed to maximise bow opportunities and the average shot distance is 20 metres (22 yards) or less. The terrain also provides excellent spot and stalk opportunities for hunters who prefer that style of hunting.

Blinds are large, comfortable and utilise oneway glass for viewing. Specially designed holders allow hunters to easily and quietly video animals and their shots at the water. Hunters are accompanied by a Professional Hunter, or if they prefer to hunt on their own a two-way radio is provided.

Skilled professional trackers, aided by specially trained Jack Russel Terriers, are used to insure high success rates in recovering wounded game. Taxidermists receiving trophy shipments from Western Cape Game Safaris’ clients consistently comment favorably on the quality of skinning, caping and overall trophy presentation.

Anathomy and shot placement on African animals is different than North American big game. An Arrow tucked behind the shoulder may be perfect placement for an elk, but on most African animals will result in a single lung or “paunch” hit. Professional Hunters will discuss shot placements before your hunt, but good reference books are available and are available and are recommended for the first time Africa hunter. Most bowhunters are surprised at the size and strength of African animals, but a well placed arrow is as deadly on a 1,600 pound Eland as it is on a 150 pound white tail deer.